Episode 98 – Cat Collecting

You may notice a slight departure from our normal intro music this week. Charles, Jon, and Megan have all been playing Neko Atsume, a Japanese mobile game about collecting cats. Not so much collecting as being a crazy person that sets out food and toys in hopes of attracting all

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Way Too Late Reviews: Cool World

This movie had so much potential. After the runaway success of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (which I wrote about two weeks ago), the time was ripe for a dark live action/animation movie. Enter Ralph Bakshi, director of Fritz the Cat (the first animated movie to ever receive an X rating), and later Spicy City (the

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Episode 97 – Reddit for the masses

Reddit for the masses: On this episode we dive deeply into the topic of Reddit and the kinds of people that use it. Then we get into the more pertinent details of current events with all of the recent shakeups and unexpected changes over at the site. Some show notes:

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Odallus: The Dark Call – Retro like I remember

I’m old enough to have played a lot of NES games back when they were first released. There’s a certain kind of nostalgia filter that colors memories of how good those games actually were. Going back and playing them now on an emulator just doesn’t provide the same kind of experience

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Way Too Late Reviews: Cockneys vs. Zombies

Do you prefer your zombies fast or slow? It’s the nerdy debate equivalent of who you like more: The Beatles or the Rolling Stones. Both fast and slow zombies have their merits and both types of movies can be enjoyable. Would you rather watch a movie filled with a slow-shuffling

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Way Too Late Reviews: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

With all the back and forth between Sony and Marvel over the rights to a single character, now is the perfect time to step back to a different time when character rights was an easier animal. Spider-Man as a film character has long been owned by Sony, and earlier this

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Episode 96 – Problematic Writing of Batman Arkham Knight

In this podcast we yell that the writing for Batman Arkham Knight was one big swing and a miss. We don’t know who decided to sign off on this, but please know: spoilers ahead for Batman Arkham Knight.

The problematic plot of Batman: Arkham Knight

*Warning: This article contains numerous spoilers for the plot of Batman: Arkham Knight. I really enjoyed the stories in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City so naturally I was excited to see what Rocksteady was going to do with Arkham Knight. I was thoroughly enthralled with jumping back into the series at

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Some Thoughts About Reddit

It’s been a ritual for me since I discovered the site three years ago: wake up, check Reddit. Browse r/worldnews for the latest events. Look for new tactics on r/hearthstone. If it’s a Monday, avoid r/asoiaf until I can watch the latest Game of Thrones episode. Reddit has become a part of

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Some spoiler-free Arkham Knight opinions.

I’ve been talking about wanting to play Batman: Arkham Knight  on the podcast for a long time. I was a big fan of the first two games in the series and I was quite eager for Rocksteady to take the reins once again and finish their trilogy. So when it

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5 Step Survival guide: PAX Prime for introverts

5 Step Survival guide: PAX Prime for introverts We’re coming upon convention season, an incredibly fun but mentally taxing time of year for the local introverted gamer contingent! I like many other people am very introverted and even panic when it comes to large gatherings like PAX. I have a

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Way Too Late Reviews: The Lost Boys

Until today, I’d never wondered where the title The Lost Boys came from. When I was younger I watched The Lost Boys hundreds of times and never gave the title a second thought. Why shouldn’t the movie be called The Lost Boys? After all, the anthem of my generation had the similarly named apropos-of-nothing title “Smells Like

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Episode 95- We Hate Time Sleep and Money

We’re still digesting E3 and discussing some table top games, because we hate time sleep and money.

Favorite Indie Games from E3

There was a lot shown at E3 this year, and some super rad Indie games I’m excited to try! Here are my favorite indie games from E3 2015:

My Favorite Character in Marvel’s Daredevil

I don’t need to tell you how good Netflix’s Daredevil is. Plenty of others before me have already done that. I’m going to talk instead about my favorite character, one who best represents how a slight character change made in the adaptation from comics to TV can make all the difference in elevating that

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Star Wars Rebels: You need to be watching this!

With season 2 of Star Wars Rebels just around the corner (June 20th 2015) I wanted to give a run down for those who haven’t watched this series yet. Aside from Dragon Age, Star Wars is my fandom, so I know it might not hit your buttons if you refuse

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Episode 94 – E3 excitement wrap up

This week I sit down with Megan and Hannah as we discuss some of our favorite standout moments from this year’s E3 press conferences. We couldn’t attend the show in person, but watching on Twitch and YouTube is almost the same. Just more comfortable, but with less swag. We have

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Fallout Shelter or Where Did My Life Go?

A few days ago, during their E3 conference, Bethesda announced a stand alone mobile game for the Fallout universe called Fallout Shelter. Since then, I haven’t been able to leave my phone alone for more than a few minutes at a time. Seriously, I can’t ignore it or these little

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DC Deck Building Game: Forever Evil

Like many people my age, I collected GI Joe action figures as a kid. What set my collection apart was that it consisted entirely of Cobra action figures. I wasn’t interested in the Joes; I loved Cobra and wanted to collect all their toys. Destro, Cobra Commander and the rest

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Episode 93 – We Were Wrong Through The Woods Kickstarted!

I am happy to say that we were wrong, at the time of the recording, we thought the Kickstarter campaign for Through The Woods was not going to be successful – it turns out they made it, and we will eat some crow! (Or Poutine. You know, whatever)

Episode 92 – Twitching!

Don’t mind us, we’ve started streaming our podcasts on twitch, and we’re still getting used to talking to a camera! Are we twitching?