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Way Too Late


Not Binge-Watching Jessica Jones

This past Friday, Netflix dropped the second Marvel series in their planned lead-up to a Defenders miniseries: Jessica Jones. All 13 episodes are available to stream, in keeping with Netflix’s binge-watch model, which their data has told them is how people enjoy watching TV […]


Way Too Late Reviews: Starship Troopers

“War makes fascists of us all” —Paul Verhoeven, director. Starship Troopers DVD commentary The best satire is subversive and can be interpreted in any number of ways. A successful subversive movie can be accepted at face value, but when audiences look beneath the […]


Way Too Late Reviews: Masters of the Universe

Before Chris Evens (Fantastic Four), before Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) there was Dolph Lundgren: cast in several toy/comic properties that didn’t quite pan out. While Evens and Reynolds eventually found their characters in Captain America and Deadpool respectively, things never worked out […]


Way Too Late Reviews: Futurama Season 5

When I sit down to re-watch a series, it’s rare for me to start at the very beginning. Maybe I’ve been conditioned by too many bad early Star Trek seasons, but usually I find the first few episodes/seasons of any show a […]


Way Too Late Reviews: Batman and Robin

“I always apologize for Batman and Robin.” —George Clooney, 2015 Batman and Robin. The movie that sat at the top of my personal list of worst movies ever from 1997 until 2015, when it was dethroned by The Room. The movie […]

All Things Gaming


Is 20XX the next Mega Man?

Diving into early access titles on Steam can often be a mixed bag. Games still in development run the gamut from nearly finished to having more bugs than the disgusting innards of Oogie Boogie. Luckily, 20XX is more the former than the latter. […]


Destiny surprises me again!

Destiny has been a bit of a mixed bag for me from the start. I loved the shiny space epic, but then I learned to hate the PvP. I improved enough in PvP to earn Thorn, but now it’s best […]


Assault Android Cactus – Bring on the bad guys!

From time to time I like to push myself to the limits of my ability to comprehend what’s actually happening on screen in a game. Lately, I’ve been doing that with a frenetic little game called Assault Android Cactus from indie studio […]


Show me to your (Taken) King

We are only a few days from the release of Destiny‘s latest expansion, The Taken King and I have been spending a lot of time getting my characters prepared. I’ll admit that I had been excited about House of Wolves almost solely […]


Hob demo – PAX Prime 2015

While most of the excitement of PAX Prime happens in the expo hall on the 4th floor, it always pays to check out the fantastic array of games that find themselves up on the quieter 6th floor area. One of […]