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Way Too Late


Train to Busan: Making All Stops

Discovering Train to Busan was a happy accident, and for that I blame the Mountain Goats. This year, the Mountain Goats were playing Wicker Park Fest, and my wife desperately wanted to go see them perform. Too bad Wicker Park Fest happened during […]


The History of Future Folk: Space Worms and Banjos

The History of Future Folk, released in 2012, invites us to picture a scenario. You’re the best general alive. A comet is about to destroy everything you love. Your government has instructed you to find a replacement home planet. You traverse […]


The Killing Joke: Just as toxic when animated

The Killing Joke: It’s taken me a few weeks to process this movie. I needed time to decompress, to find the words behind how bad this movie made me feel. Most of you know, I am a big Batman fan. […]


Ava’s Possessions: Demon Anonymous

Few things pique my interest more than the words “music by Sean Lennon.” I’m a big fan of Lennon’s music and his involvement first drew me to Ava’s Possessions, currently streaming on Netflix. With the bulk of Netflix’s movie content […]


Suicide Squad: At least it wasn’t as bad as BvS?

At the time I’m writing this, it’s been about an hour since I walked out of the theater after watching Suicide Squad. On a scale of Batman Vs. Superman to Deadpool, I’d rate this movie a solid Green Lantern live […]

All Things Gaming


Board game round-up: quick and breezy edition

Weekly board game nights at my local game shop have greatly expanded my repertoire of light and breezy tabletop games. With a library of hundreds of games both light and heavy, our local game shop offers me and my significant […]


PAX West 2016 Day One wrap up

PAX has once again returned to our home here in the Pacific Northwest. Suitably, the weather decided to welcome all of the visitors to our fine city with a torrential downpour so intense that PAX was opened 10 minutes early […]


Inversus – Frantic arcade shooter and strategic competition

Inversus is slated to be round two of the PAX West 2016 Omegathon, so I got my hands on a key for this little game from indie developer Hypersect. It’s fast, frantic, and strategic. Many outlets praise it as fun […]


Edge of Nowhere review – Cliffs of Craziness

Nothing says virtual reality like madness and tentacles. Edge of Nowhere delivers both of those in spades to the Oculus Rift.  I’ve enjoyed playing many games on the Rift, but plenty of those titles still felt like the first forays into VR gaming. Because […]


We Happy Few preview – Happiness is a choice!

We Happy Few has the potential to keep me enthralled for far longer than I feel comfortable admitting. I’ve already found myself lost in this bleak, Orwellian setting for hours at a time. It’s the newest game from Compulsion Games […]