Episode 91 – Game of Tropes

Sorry for our delay in posting the podcast – we continue to discuss and dissect the latest episodes in Game of Thrones. We have MANY opinions on Game of Tropes – what do you think?

Way Too Late Reviews: …And Another Thing

Continuing a beloved book series after an author has passed away is a tricky thing. Compare the post-Ian Fleming Bond novels to the 14 entries in the Dune franchise. Critics may appreciate the new work, as in the case of Kyle Mills, who continued the Bourne series after Robert Ludlum’s death. Or, they may decry

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Early Impressions of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you listened to this week’s podcast (and you should), then you’re aware that I’m not a veteran player of the Witcher games. I had heard of them, certainly, but I had never found the time to fit another long RPG series into my gaming diet. But with all the hype

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Episode 90 – Witcher 3 Going For Your Junk

They really set the tone at the start of the game, Witcher 3 Going For Your Junk!

That Seems Really Unlike You

That Seems Really Unlike You: AKA – The way Unbowed Unbent Unbroken SHOULD have happened Like many people watching Game of Thrones, I am less than impressed with Sansa’s Season 5 arc, both as an adaptation and as a story in of itself. After spending enough time saying “And they

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Avengers: Age of Ultron

It’s been two weeks since Avengers: Age of Ultron dropped in movie theaters. In that time, AOU has grossed $1 billion worldwide, fans and critics have criticized Disney/Marvel’s treatment of Black Widow (not to mention her lack of merchandise), and everyone from Leonard Maltin to the dude who reviews flicks for the

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Episode 89 – Mr Darcy Master Assassin

Mr Darcy, Master Assassin is my guess on where we’re going next in the Assassin’s Creed franchise!

RiffTrax and The Room

I’ve already written more about The Room than I ever wanted to. When I watched the film for a Way Too Late review back in March, I had no idea how the idea of this movie would catch and fester in my mind. I still hold firm to my original assessment: the movie

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Episode 88 – HorseCast

We talk about some of the more.. colorful Skyrim mods (we’ll get to the HorseCast, stand-by), why 75% is TOO DAMN HIGH, and Assassins Creed: Chronicles! 

Review: Guns, Gore & Cannoli

Guns, Gore & Cannoli is like a Metal Slug and Godfather cocktail with a zombie chaser. I love a little run and gun action and this game delivers a sweet amount of action with stylish hand drawn graphics and a roarin’ soundtrack. A 20’s era zombie shooter might sound a bit

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Way Too Late Reviews: The Island

Confession time: I like a few Michael Bay movies. Not all of them, God no. You couldn’t pay me to sit through a Transformers movie marathon. But some of them. Of Bay’s 20 listed director credits at IMDB, I like three of his films: The Rock, Pain & Gain, and the subject of today’s

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Episode 87: Force Sploosh

There is so much Star Wars news to be excited about right now! (plus some gushing over Ewen McGregor – hence Force Sploosh )

Way Too Late Reviews: The Running Man

Action! Blood! Yellow jumpsuits! Occupying that sweet spot in the 1980s when Arnold Schwarzenegger was an unstoppable killing machine mocking his enemies with eye-rolling one-liners (“Here is Sub Zero! Now, plain zero!”) 1987’s The Running Man is the rare movie where a movie has almost nothing to do with the book it’s based on

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The Clone Wars

How is it that we’ve gone so long without talking about The Clone Wars? I fell in love with this series in 2008, because it was what salvaged my plummeting love of Star Wars after the prequel came out. Set up as a kids show, it told the story we

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Episode 86: Absurdatron 9000

Hells Kitchen, Westerado, and Game of Thrones – oh my!

A Tale of Three Carries

Girl throws tampons at other girl, girl asks boy to take other girl to the prom, other girl gets pig blood dumped on her head, other girl goes on telekinetic rampage. While it might not be a tale as old as time, Stephen King’s debut novel Carrie resonated with audiences upon its

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Episode 85: #FridayGIFight

Majora’s Mask, Too many cooks, and #FridayGIFight!

Review – Westerado: Double Barreled

Your home burned to the ground and your family murdered, you must seek vengeance wild west style in Westerado: Double Barreled. This game is part whodunit, part quest running, and part action shoot out. It’s a rough life out in the retro wastes of Westerado and you need to be

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Tower of Guns – Endless FPS Bullet Hell

I just finished a Tower of Guns shooting spree on Xbox One and I have to say that it’s liberating to have a pure FPS to jump into whenever I want. It’s a single player experience perfectly suited for people that want  to get the biggest guns, blast their way through level after

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Jaws of Hakkon DLC

I’m a fan girl of Dragon Age, that is no secret, so take it with a grain of salt when I tell you, you should play the DLC for DragonAge Inquisition: Jaws of Hakkon. For $15 it is more of the game that I loved, that fits in if you’ve

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Episode 84: Ode to James Vanderbeek

Love of ECCC, video games, and our Ode to James Vanderbeek!