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Way Too Late


Deadpool – The Dorkadia movie review

I’m just going to come out and say it: Deadpool is a role made for Ryan Reynolds. Again. But this time with talking. The merc with a mouth finally gets his reckoning after the atrocity that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. […]


Not Binging Jessica Jones: Episode 11

For all the intensity Jessica Jones puts out, there are episodes that feature more stillness than most. Chances where the story gets the chance to breathe and we’re shown a little more about the characters than we knew before, through flashbacks. Episode […]


Enter the Animatrix

When does a series get taken too far? Is it ever possible to pinpoint the exact time a series jumps the shark and goes from brilliant idea to tired cliche? The answer is, usually. In this list, The Matrix franchise managed […]


Not Binging Jessica Jones: Episode 10

I know I’ve been harping on the intensity of the last several Jessica Jones episodes, but with good reason, I feel. From episode 7 on Jessica’s attempts to catch Kilgrave and make him confess to his crimes have put Jessica her friends, […]


We Are What We Are: I Like My Horror Films Pretty

A common complaint about American horror remakes of foreign films is how much they get watered down in the process. From The Ring to The Grudge, something about these remakes seem tamer than their original counterparts, as if either the directors or the […]

All Things Gaming


Destiny Crimson Days – Why do I do this to myself?

This week is a very special week in Destiny. The newest bit of micro-content has gone live in the form of Crimson Days. It’s like Bungie’s very own vicious valentine to the player base that still remains in their flagship […]


Temporal abyss – My latest time killing mobile obsessions

I haven’t been doing a whole lot of big gaming recently. Anything I have been doing, I’ve also been streaming over on the DorkadiaPlays channel over on Twitch. While there will certainly be more reviews for those games as I […]


Destiny Kart – The Sparrow Racing League

Okay, maybe Destiny Kart isn’t as accurate as Wipeout without guns. In either case, I’ve been checking out Destiny‘s latest limited time event, the Sparrow Racing League. It’s certainly an entertaining distraction from the normal grind of raids or pvp […]


Crawling out through the Fallout

As of this morning, Steam tells me that I’ve played 144 hours of Fallout 4. Since the game was released just over three weeks ago, that means I’ve been spending as much (or more) playing it as I do going […]


Is 20XX the next Mega Man?

Diving into early access titles on Steam can often be a mixed bag. Games still in development run the gamut from nearly finished to having more bugs than the disgusting innards of Oogie Boogie. Luckily, 20XX is more the former than the latter. […]