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Twilight: 50 Shades of OG

Sparkley vampires. Mormon references. Team Edward or Team Jacob? Badly written fan fiction. With its hold on the cultural zeitgeist, it’s hard to believe that Twilight was only published in 2005. What’s more, a film version came together quickly. Twilight the movie was released […]


50 Shades of Prettier Woman

Double Toasted recently ripped Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers on a premise that very much speaks to how I feel about 50 Shades Darker. In the DT review, they lamented that Smith could still get shit made into a movie, which crowded out other filmmakers […]


Millennium: 12 Monkeys 0.5

I vaguely remember watching 1989’s Millennium once in my childhood. While mostly a forgettable film, the ending stuck with me, with its booming voice-over narration making grand sweeping proclamations. With Millennium available on Netflix, I decided to give it another watch, to see how it […]


Zombeavers: And the jokes write themselves

In a bit of a meta-moment, about halfway through Zombeavers, one of the main characters says “quit with the beaver jokes.” It’d be nice if this movie was so restrained. The call for less-is-more is diluted somewhat twenty minutes later when […]


The Fall: Men Who Hate Women

The evolution of television means that concepts get revisited every few years, adapted, improved upon. Sometimes when TV returns to an idea it makes the idea much better the second time around. Other times, the second go-around is middling (or […]

All Things Gaming


Top 10 games that turn 20 this year.

The 90s were like a golden age of gaming! So many enduring classics were born in the age of grunge rock and Hammer pants that it’s easy to forget just how long they’ve been with us. 1997 in particular was […]


‘1979 Revolution’ proceeds to be donated to ACLU.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is a game that puts players in the role of a photojournalist during the uprising against the Shah of Iran. It mixes gameplay and real-life events to immerse players in an actual revolution. Described as a “cinematic […]


‘Hunter’s Legacy’ Review – A Purrfectly Challenging Tail.

Hunter’s Legacy is a 2D metroidvania action-platformer featuring a feline heroine. It’s an old school style game by indie dev studio Lienzo. Hack and slash through waves of enemies, upgrade powers, and save the day. It’s challenging, nonlinear, and features huge […]


‘Toby: The Secret Mine’ is a colorful take on ‘LIMBO’

Toby: The Secret Mine is a platforming adventure game inspired by LIMBO and Badlands. It released on Xbox One this past Friday, though it has been available on Steam since October of 2015. If you’ve played LIMBO and want more gameplay like it, […]


‘Through the Woods’ is more than cheap jump scares.

Through the Woods is out and it’s shinier than it was when I played the demo back in 2015. To be fair, it released back on October 27, 2016 and even though I had a copy of it at launch, I took […]