Episode 69: ARGs

I say the title of the podcast is ARG’s in that.. we do eventually get to talking about ARG’s. Be warned, there be not dragons ahead, but lots of poop jokes. (hahahahaha!)

The Dark Below or Where is this Story Going?

Last week, a couple things happened: my Xbox One returned from being repaired and the first DLC for Destiny was released. It was hard to figure out which I was most excited about, so right after we recorded episode 68 of the podcast, I had my controller in hand and the

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Way Too Late Reviews: Paycheck

Was 2003 the year Ben Affleck hit rock bottom? While Affleck has been on a recent tear (for examples, see this Wikipedia list) and landed the coveted Batman role in the forthcoming DC universe, his ride to critical acclaim hasn’t been an easy one. Consider his three starring roles from

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Episode 68 – Boobs Against Humanity

Boobs Against Humanity! I think this was a great combination of things many of us love, boobs and Cards Against Humanity! Scroll below for us bouncing around topics like the caffeine we were drinking during the show kicked in before hand.

Cards, Cards, Cards!

This holiday season, spend some time with family and friends with these down and dirty (and really dirty, in the case of Cards Against Humanity) single-deck card games. My love of single-deck card games has been well documented throughout my Dorkadia tenure. Single-deck card games require minimal investment in either

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A Brief Look at Assassin’s Creed: Rogue

“I like big boats, I cannot lie.” – Isabela, Dragon Age II Is it just me, or was releasing two different Assassin’s Creed games at the same time a somewhat confusing move? If you’ve been too distracted by Unity to notice, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue was released at the same time exclusively

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Episode 67 – Baking a Cake with Handguns

This week we talk about a number of different things including Hannah’s three legged kitten, why Nick thinks Interstellar sucked, the Star Wars trailer, and moral decisions by players in tabletop games. Is it a lot to cover in an hour? Perhaps, but that’s never stopped us before. Besides, that

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Tabletop: Game On!

Grab your favorite board game, warm up your dice, and watch out for owlbears in Wil Wheaton’s internet show. There are two things I love in this world that fellow Dorkadia writer Charles Spurr doesn’t get: IPAs and Tabletop. As a dark beer man, Charles reacts with indifference whenever I gush over

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Tales from the Borderlands – Episode 1, Zero Sum

Tuesday saw the release of the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands, Zero Sum. After playing the small demo at PAX Prime, I was champing at the bit to play the whole episode and it did not disappoint. Telltale Games has a great knack for these directed narrative games and

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Mars Attacks! …but No One Cares

In 1996, Tim Burton thought making a movie based on bubble-gum cards was a good idea, showing the world why there should never be a Magic: the Gathering franchise. As far as cold openers go, you can’t go wring with a stampede of flaming cattle. The first few minutes of

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