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Way Too Late


Ghostbusters and the Rules of Reboots

Many people have already made up their minds about whether or not to see Ghostbusters, so I’ll spare you the traditional review. Rotten Tomatoes is awash with reviews, while IMDB is full of people who were panning this film back in […]


The Punisher (Jon Bernthal Edition)

Today, in what I never expected to become the latest in a series of posts that started with Dolph Lundgren and continue with Thomas Jane, I’ll be looking at Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of Frank Castle in season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil. This review might […]


Knights of Badassdom: LARPing for Keeps

Let’s get one thing out of the way. For a movie about LARPing, Knights of Badassdom could have gone so wrong. I mean, it does go wrong, but not in the ways you would think. I went into this movie fully expecting the characters to […]


10 Cloverfield Lane: The Address You’ll Never Leave

Because Bad Robot films are super cereal about insisting that moviegoers avoid spoilers for their films, I’ll put the rest of my spoiler-y review of 10 Cloverfield Lane behind a cut. But first, a frequently asked question: is it necessary to have watched Cloverfield before […]


Civil War vs. Dawn of Justice: Who Cares??

Let me preface Civil War vs. Dawn of Justice: Who Cares?? with saying that I care about both movies – and have strong opinions about what I feel about both movies! Please don’t let my opinions take away from what […]

All Things Gaming


Archer the Board Game: The Confusion Zone

A few months ago my wife was in our FLGS and saw Archer: the Board Game. “This looks awesome,” she said. She figured that since we were both fans of the show, we’d find it a blast. The shop owner; however, cautioned […]


Wasted is the Fallout roguelike you’ve been waiting for.

Wasted: A Post-Apocalyptic Pub Crawler (we’ll just call it Wasted) is a perfect cocktail of Fallout and Borderlands served up in a fancy roguelike glass. It is at once engaging and frustrating. However, I’m sure that’s what draws so many people to the roguelike […]


Oculus Rift impressions

After just a few days of playing with my new Oculus Rift, I can’t imagine any better future for video gaming. While I’m sure that I’ll continue to love my other, less immersive games, they just feel kind of old and mundane […]


Doom multiplayer is kinda meh.

The Doom open beta finished up this past weekend after several days of minimal fanfare. I don’t have the actual numbers of participants, but the majority of my personal friends weren’t aware that it was happening. With its time now […]


Destiny Crimson Days – Why do I do this to myself?

This week is a very special week in Destiny. The newest bit of micro-content has gone live in the form of Crimson Days. It’s like Bungie’s very own vicious valentine to the player base that still remains in their flagship […]