Way Too Late Reviews: The Room

Trailer First thing’s first: a movie called The Room should be about a room. This film is not about a room. It’s really about one man’s ego and his obsession with making a movie when he has no business being anywhere near a camera. But I doubt calling it Tommy Wiseau’s Narcissistic, Masturbatory Attempt

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Episode 82 – UH OH

Does anyone else have a flashback to poor modem speeds and pop-ups when you hear the UH OH ICQ noise? Just us? okay!

Preview: Spellweaver TCG

I’ve recently spent a bit of time playing around in an upcoming digital card game called Spellweaver. Much like the highly popular Hearthstone, it’s set to be released as a free to play game that allows for purchases of card packs using in-game currencies. Unlike Hearthstone’s rigid class system, Spellweaver

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Way Too Late Reviews: X-Men Days of Future Past

I’ve been away from the X-men film franchise for several years. Blame Brett Ratner, who made a total mess of X-Men: the Last Stand. Between the botch-up of the Dark Phoenix storyline in The Last Stand and the lousy portrayals of both Deadpool and Gambit in X-Men: Origins, I stopped watching X-Men movies. When the

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Episode 81 – Paranormal Romance

Between first time RPG’s, Hatoful Boyfriend, and Monsterhearts, we talk dance around paranormal romance this episode!

Hardware review – Skullcandy SLYR

I didn’t realize that my game experience was lacking until I put on this headset. I’ve been playing my Xbox One on a regular stereo TV with the standard Microsoft headset plugged in for over a year now. I was getting a pretty decent experience out of that and it

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The JCU: Joss Whedon’s Comic Universe

Nerds know heartbreak. Our favorite TV shows get cancelled (Star Trek), beloved characters die (Terminator), beloved comic properties turn to shit on screen when artistic vision clashes with the movie business (X-Men: The Last Stand, Spider-Man 3). It seems like there’s a hundred ways to ruin a geeky property and only

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Episode 80 – Trivia Time

Trivia Time! We started of this week talking about terrible prank videos; (note, I would die if this happened to me)

Silent Night, Unholy Night

Just who were the wise men, really? Sure, I knew the story. I was raised Lutheran. Three wise men appear in the middle of the night, offering gold, frankincense and myrrh to Joseph and Mary to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. But what happened next? It was a question I never

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Hand of Fate – My new deckbuilding obsession

Unlike Jon, I did not start playing Hand of Fate in early access. It looked pretty cool, but I’m not a super big player of roguelike games. However, when I was offered an Xbox One review copy, I absolutely had to take a chance on it. Now I can’t stop

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Episode 79 – Final Dying Light Fantasy

Jon is trying to play through all the Final Fantasy games in one year. Do you think you could do it? 

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

“I met her at a funeral, she said ‘I don’t know what he meant to me. I just know he affected me.’” —Dar Williams “Mark Rothko Song” Confession: I haven’t seen all of the original Star Trek episodes. I haven’t seen half. I could probably name the ones I have seen on

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Episode 78 – Goth Power Ranger

How can you not dig this Power Rangers de-boot?

Dying Light “My Apocalypse Edition” announced

I really enjoyed Dying Light and I absolutely recommend it to anyone that digs first person action games. However, I think the guys at Techland have taken a few too many hits from whatever they like smoking out there in Poland. They’ve just announced that starting on February 25th, they

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Way Too Late Reviews: Mockingjay, Part 1

I’m such a cynic when it comes to movies. I never believe that certain things are done in the name of artistic integrity. I’m quicker to believe that some Hollywood mogul made X or Y decision for money, rather than for art. So when it was announced that The Hunger Games:

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Forgotten toys of the 80s

When people of the Gen X persuasion look back on the 80s in a nostalgic fashion, I feel like there’s a sort of filter that lets all of the shiny and exciting stuff through while conveniently forgetting all of the weird, obscure, and sometimes downright crappy things. And so, I

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Episode 77 – Back to the Future

We’re all in a reminiscing mood apparently!

50 Shades of Pretty Woman

Pre-tl;dr: Yea this movie is bad, but with a few tweaks it could have been good. Even so, it isn’t the painful-to-watch monstrosity the source material would have you believe. You’ve seen this movie before. The high-powered businessman who sweeps the girl off her feet? Pretty Woman. The trick with

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Dying Light part 2 – A city full of stories

Having now spent over 60 hours in game and finally finished the main quest line, I have to say that any discussion of the story needs to be broken up into the main and side quests. These aspects of the game are so disparate that they feel like two complete

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Episode 76 – Spider-Man

We have wanted Spiderman all along in the MCU, and on this podcast we are so jazzed that Sony has seen the $$$ light!

Way Too Late Reviews: The Illusionist

I was 19 when I first became aware of twin films. Two movies, with similar themes, written and released by two different studios in the same year. My introduction to the concept was Dante’s Peak and Volcano, two movies about volcanic eruptions, both released in 1997. Since then audiences have their pick of

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