July 2012

DoomRL: Turn-Based Ultra-Violence

For the uninitiated, the roguelike genre is the meanest branch of the RPG evolutionary tree. They are typically story-light, turn-based affairs where a lone hero progresses through a lethal dungeon gaining power. But unlike the usual RPG, roguelikes balk at the idea that games should be easily-accessible dispensers of fun

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Comical PvP Goodness with Gotham City Impostors

With all of the new titles constantly shipping in a variety of genres, it’s easy for some games to get lost in the shuffle. For me, this was the case with WB Interactive’s Gotham City Impostors. I first heard about this game at PAX Prime last year. I loved the

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Tenderpaw: Starting the Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game

Shout it from the mountain tops: I finally get to play the Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game. Despite owning the books, I have yet to try Luke Crane‘s table-top RPG masterpiece Burning Wheel. The RPGs I have experience with are robust enough that I can approach them like I would Legos: I take

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Anime style arcade action go!

Lately I’ve been putting a lot of hours into Rusty Hearts. For those that are unfamiliar, Rusty Hearts is a free to play action MMO. Basically, it’s a dungeon crawling arcade-style button masher with levels and loot. In addition, you can team up with other players to take on increasingly

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This is Dorkadia!

Dorkadia Press is now proud (are we sure we want to go with that?) to present Dorkadia.com for consumption by the masses. Or by just you. Seriously, even if you’re not the first person to see this page it’s pretty likely that you’re the only one looking at it at

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