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Disney Buys Lucasfilm *insert joke you’ve heard a million times here*

  Unless you were hiding under a rock yesterday, and if you are the type of person who reads a site called Dorkadia, you probably heard that George Lucas sold out.  It’s not like he wasn’t a sellout as soon […]


Five Modern Hardcore Single Player Games

It’s no secret that I believe that games were more “hardcore” in the past. Not all of them were, a lot of them were just poorly made. But many (like Half-Life) had a brave, undeniable faith in the player. These […]


The Rat Race

  When I’m not tearing through various speculative fiction bricks, screaming at millionaires in funny clothes running in a circle, or (occasionally) attempting to be a productive member of society, my digital poison of choice is World of Warcraft. It […]


Your First D&D Experience

About a year ago, I was recruited into an excellent Dungeons and Dragons game. It had recently lost a player after the game had been running for a bit over a year. I was excited – the DM sketched out […]


My introduction to Assassin’s Creed

These last couple months have been packed with a number of great game releases. There hasn’t been enough time to play everything yet and there’s another title on the way; Assassin’s Creed 3. It occurred to me that I should […]


Book of Air : “The King of Omashu” & “Imprisoned”

  Book of Air Episode 5: “The King of Omashu” Best Line:  “Wrong Choice” Nothing in life is simple.  That’s the basic theme of this episode of Avatar.  When you try to rush at your problems head on, you’re probably […]


Black Mesa: Renewing the Half-Life Vows

Half-Life is one of video games my top-tier games. The tier reserved for games who not only define what I want in gaming but push the boundaries on what this amazing hobby can do. When I heard that a team […]


The Collected Works of Joe Abercrombie

The idea of “post-George R.R. Martin” fantasy is a little weird to contemplate; after all, that’s straight-up contemporary! A Song of Ice & Fire is still in progress; Game of Thrones is on TV and winning Emmys; people are still […]


Book of Air Episodes 3 and 4

  Book of Air Episode 3:  “The Southern Air Temple” Best Line: “I’m just a simple guy with simple needs” Genocide.  There’s really nothing else to talk about when you hit this episode of the show (except all of the […]


Tabletop and Gaming Podcasts

As the production and publishing of podcasts has grown easier over time, even the nichest of niche genres have an impressive selection, even podcasts that cater to role-playing and video game fans. I adore podcasts, but the nerdly podcast scene […]


End of Nations rolls into my list of games to watch

End of Nations recently concluded its fourth closed beta and I was fortunate enough to be able to participate. For those that are not familiar with the game, End of Nations is an upcoming free to play online multiplayer real-time […]


Book of Air: Episode 2 “The Avatar Returns”

  Best Line:  “Dig the ship out and follow them!  As soon as you’re done with that.” The second episode doesn’t let up the pace at all.  We find that Aang and Katara have set off a trap that alerts […]


On the Diving Board: A New 4E Campaign Checklist

Finally! My group and I are jumping into a long term campaign, run by yours truly. We’re diving into Eberron,  my favorite published D&D setting, and we’re using 4E, my favorite five-on-five fantasy knife fight simulator. Having not prepared for […]



While Reuben is away, I will try my hand at filling in. Hello nerds of the world, I’m Megan – the production minion of Dorkadia who is usually content to pull the strings in the backgrounds and make my authors […]


Rakdos Intolerant

I have returned to Ravnica, even though I’ve never been there in the first place.   Saturday saw the Pre-release Event for the new Magic expansion Return to Ravnica. I understand Ravnica was one of the most popular expansions in […]


FarmVille 2: The Farmening… Digital livestock strikes again.

Is he serious? Is he really reviewing FarmVille 2? Is there really a Farmville 2? The answer to all of these highly justified questions is ‘yes’. While many of us in the gaming community discuss the merits of recent releases […]


Book of Air: Episode 1 “The Boy in the Iceberg”

Normally I’d just launch into a review of episode 1, but with A:TLA (Avatar: The Last Airbender) even the intro credits deserve a bit of discussion.  I’m also normally going to review a whole disc at a time, but this […]


FTL: A Solid Budget Bite-Sized Roguelike

At just $9.99, FTL: Faster Than Light by Subset Games was an easy impulse buy. But even after playing it for a few hours, I couldn’t quite pin down what exactly FTL was. It was clearly a roguelike, but the ship-management-simulation […]


The Matter of Britain

  An old saw of writing (novels, movies, TV, whatever) holds that there are only so many stories, and we’ve told them all already, and it’s just a matter of how you tell them. This is a resolutely cynical thing […]