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Strike Suit Zero is everything I wanted it to be

For those that aren’t familiar with the name, Strike Suit Zero is a space-based ship combat action game. It was recently released by indie developer Born Ready Games and I picked it up on PC (via Steam) almost immediately. I […]


Continuum – Occupy Wall Street in tiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmeeeeeeeee

  I promise after this week I’ll lay off the time travel for a little while.  Or maybe BEFORE this week!  Whoooohhhhoooohhhoooo!  Anyway, over the weekend I caught the first two episodes of Continuum, a Canadian series SyFy has picked […]


Taking the Path of Exile Beta

I’ve been on a serious action RPG kick. It might be because this cold has reduced my attention span into something more appropriate for a kitten, but the frantic clicking and feel-good gameplay of titles like Diablo 3 and Torchlight […]


Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

    The confession that’s going to get me fired from this website: I’m not that into Star Wars. I sure don’t like dislike it, but I’ve never delved into the EU, can’t remember the names of any races besides […]


My First GM

Role-play, like many other nerdy hobbies, is weird, sort of silly and incredibly difficult to explain to people who don’t partake. Like Magic the Gathering or an MMORPG, role-play is filled with odd rules (both written and unwritten), a massive […]


Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival 2013

I am sad to say that this past weekend was my first time attending the Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival even though it is now in its eighth year. Never again will I miss this local event if […]


Timecrop – At Least 5 Good Time Travel Movies

In the last two weeks no less than three separate people on my Facebook friends list have asked about good time travel movies.  It’s easily one of the most common tropes in science-fiction, and it’s so often done wrong that […]


Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, Is it Enough?

My fondest PC gaming memories are playing single player games tag-team with my best friend 15-some years ago. It’s easy to be nostalgic about a time when personal computing itself had limitless possibilities. I fondly remember sitting in my friend’s […]


Author Archives: Guy Gavriel Kay

I was talking to my dad not too long ago about a book on medieval history we’d both read, and he brought up the fact that he rarely reads fiction. “History’s more interesting,” he said, “and usually more unbelievable.” I […]


The Crisis on Infinite MMOs! – A DC Universe Online Review

Super hero MMOs have a hard playing field to break onto. City of Heroes, the benchmark super hero MMO, was incredibly popular, boasting a very dedicated fanbase and positive word of mouth for years. It had excellent character creation for […]


Deadlight – Zombies of the Pacific North West

It’s no secret that I love me some side-scrolling platformers. So it should come as no surprise that when I saw Deadlight by Tequila Works, I  had to pick up a copy. Seriously, how could I not play a zombie […]


Forget A Memory of Light

Last week the final book of The Wheel of Time arrived in bookstores.  I picked it up on my lunchbreak from work, and three days later I had finished.  Really, I’m quite surprised that I wolfed it down that fast, […]


DC Nation returns!

  You may have read my review of a cartoon you should be watching here: Young Justice. For some unfathomable reason the DC Nation lineup was taken on hiatus for some months, but i’m thrilled to report that it is […]


Soundtracking Dorkdom: Blind Guardian

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – the Venn diagram of “irredeemable nerd” and “reprobate metalhead” has a pretty big intersection. For every antisocial hesher with a Slayer back patch screwing around in shop class, there’s […]


Why I Am Finally Finished With World of Warcraft – No, Really, For Real This Time

Once upon a time, I had an amazing set of experiences playing World of Warcraft (WoW). I met my husband, my best friend, my roommate and two of the contributing writers of this very blog through WoW. I spent a […]


Blades of Time – if only I could rewind time

Sometimes a game ends up sitting in my rental queue for a while and I completely forget about it until it ships. Usually it’s a game that I added before it was released and just never pushed up to the […]


Free At Last – Wheel of Time

When I was 11, back in 1990, my father brought home a big blue book.  I liked the art on the front quite a bit, and it opened up such that the first page was hard material with the cover-art […]


Rolling D&D Stats is Bad For You, a Reprisal

I’m starting a 13th Age campaign with my group (which includes a few Dorkadia folks) and I couldn’t be more excited. We just finished a group character creation session this past Thursday and it inspired me to revisit an idea […]


The Secret Sauce, Part 3

Welcome once again to The Secret Sauce, Dorkadia’s irregularly scheduled trip into the winding depths of roleplaying. Last time around, we went through some basic parts of the RP toolkit – community, setting, system, and character. The things you need […]


What Worries Me About Gearbox

I, like many of us here at Dorkadia, think Gearbox Software is pretty nifty. They’ve made some excellent games, including Borderlands 2, which is rightfully on a lot of Best Games of 2012 lists. But I have some pretty big […]


Cthulhu Saves the World – Fhtagn!

The world may have been spared from yet another apocalyptic prophecy, but that doesn’t mean that another isn’t just around the corner. When the world is in peril, it’s good to know that Cthulhu has our backs. At least until […]