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Bridge - Title

The Bridge is as much art as it is puzzle

Do you want to solve puzzles by manipulating perspective, gravity, and impossible architecture? The Bridge is the perfect game for your bizarrely specific set of interests. I can’t imagine how you’ve gotten by until now. This interesting little indie game is an aesthetically well designed title by  Ty Taylor (designer, programmer) and Mario Castañeda (artist). I was drawn in by the sketchbook
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Through the Looking Glass – Part 1

  Last week Google Glass started preparing for what could be referred to as an alpha – the Google Glass Explorer program.  In case you don’t know, Google Glass is a headpiece you put on that projects what is essentially a monitor view screen onto . . . something.  Looking at them, I honestly have no idea how they work,
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Eclipse Featured

Eclipse Review: Actual Fun in Space

While I love boardgames, I have a hard time spending $50+ on one and an even harder time spending 4+ hours playing a single session. This means that a few classic board games leave me cold, like the venerable and oh so enticing Twilight Imperium. Twilight Imperium is a “4X game“, promising players the joys of building a space empire by exploring,
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Emerald City Comic Con: A Survival Guide

Last Thursday, Hannah covered the multifarious possibilities of a weekend at Emerald City Comic Con; turns out, most of them involve comic books and the people who make ‘em. Little did you know, right? My first ECCC was last year, and it was a glorious exploding clusterfuck of a good time. I have a lot of things I want to
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Emerald City Comic Con – An Overly Excited Preview

Next weekend, from March 1st to 3rd, the Seattle Convention Center will be overflowing with nerdiness – and it’s not even time for PAX! No, this weekend marks the Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC), the area’s largest comic book show slash nerd pop culture extravaganza. This is my first year going to ECCC for all 3 days; last year was my
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Wartune - logo

Wartune – One intense social game

Call me a snob, but I generally snub games that fit into the social games category. You know the kind; the ones people tend to play on Facebook or Google+ while filling your feed with notifications about what they need to perfect their robot-mafia-cow. I tend to lump the browser based games (especially the ones with ads featuring ridiculously busty
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Review: Batman Death of the Family

Creepy joker, ominous title, I was sold from the start. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo wrote and drew a Batman series that hasn’t kept my this on the edge of my seat and panting for the next month’s issue since Hush.  While it helps to be familiar with the Bat family (can you identify everyone in the pictures above? good) you
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Magic Sword Featured

Magic Sword: Arcade Pixels & Pectorals

As planning for my wedding ramps up and my work weeks become longer, I’ve been spending more and more time revisiting the simple joys of arcade games. I know that I can’t be completely certain whether or not I’m wrapping myself in the warm blanket of nostalgia or if these games are actually holding up over time, but I’m finding
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I dunno, I love theme titles. Thanks, David Eddings.

Review: The Long Price Quartet

Let me preface this review by saying that I have been wanting to review this series since I started writing for Dorkadia. It is in a crazy skewed corner of the quality-to-popularity matrix among fantasy books, and that is a goddamn crime. Part of that, no doubt, is due to the same thing that delayed my review; a publishing snafu
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Kabod - Wizard Title

Kabod Online – Let me save you some time

I play a pretty good amount of free to play MMORPGs and I have a pretty good idea of what I like and what I think works. Kabod Online has got to be one of the most hilariously bad examples of the genre I have ever come across. Perhaps hilarious isn’t the right word. Disturbing may be closer to accurate.
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Picture by Rosaura Ochoa

<3 Love letters from Dorkadia

Oh Valentines day… with your naked babies shooting arrows at people, and your hearts made of sugar and chalk that you convince children taste good, and your poorly rhymed greeting cards… We don’t understand you; But that doesn’t mean we won’t try! There is much we love in geekdom, so we present to you: Love letters from Dorkadia.


What Makes a Game Replayable?

Lately I’ve been replaying Chrono Trigger.  (I know, I said I’d stay away from time travel for a while.  I also said “just one more level” a lot when I was a kid.)  This game is still fucking awesome.  I loved it when I was a kid (possibly even more than Secret of Mana, which is also still awesome), and
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13th Age Druid Feature

13th Age First Impressions on Mechanics

After weeks of flu, cold, and eye trauma, our group finally (finally!) has a few hours of 13th Age under its belt. I don’t want to commit too much to a post yet, but I did want to jot down a few of the impressions I got of the mechanics. I’m happy to report that the game has a strong
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Fun nerdy e-valentines <3

  Last week we shared a valentines gift guide for the nerdy people in your life, but what if that AMAZING “I love you” “I Know” ring set isn’t quite the message you want to send? Or maybe you’d rather not feed your rupees into the Hallmark machine that is this holiday? Well look no further – we have collected
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Who needs guns when you've got the HAMMERS OF JUSTICE?

In Defense of ‘Goofy Batman’ – Reviewing Batman: The Brave and the Bold

There’s a war being waged in my apartment between my husband and I. It’s a war that spans many battlegrounds, but one of the most violent and bloody fields of battle has become Batman. The problem is that my husband loves silly things; things that are so bad they’re good, cheesy stuff, bad jokes, and horrible puns. But me, I
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BGH - Title

Back to Pandora, Chum – Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt

I’ll admit that I hadn’t picked up Borderlands 2 for a while and I certainly never got my commando to max level. However, when I saw that one of my favorite characters, Sir Hammerlock, had gotten his own DLC I had to get back into the game. It was time to go on a jolly good safari in the back
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Photo by Katerha

<3 Valentines day gift guide from Dorkadia <3

  And you thought you did so well at Christmas… but what is this? ANOTHER GIFTY HOLIDAY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER?? Well fear not intrepid nerdy friends, take a look at our suggestions below! With a week to go and ideas at your fingertips, do not be caught empty handed this Valentines day!


Planning for the End

Tabletop roleplaying games implode, or explode, or some type of plode, on a regular basis.  Even getting past character creation is often a feat of monumental will and luck.  People are busy, and scheduling a time when five or six people can assemble for a few hours in nearly impossible, particularly once you’re out of college.  Also, for whatever reason,
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13th Age Character Creation Featured

13th Age Character Creation, Building Backgrounds

Our weekly gaming group has successfully created characters for our new 13th Age game, and to say that I’m excited is an understatement. 13th Age, at the surface, seems like a pretty typical version of modern d20 (3rd and 4th editions of D&D) that’s chock full of house rules born from thousands of hours of gaming experience. I wanted to
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Lady, you need some conditioner.

Back In Black: Mockingbird, by Chuck Wendig

  Some six months ago, Dorkadia reviewed Chuck Wending’s Blackbirds, a nasty, dead-baby-hilarious little thriller about a hitchhiking con artist who knows when you’re going to die. I promised to review the sequel the week after and, uh, well, you do the math. But I finally acquired and read a copy and, behold, The Reviewman Cometh. Initial reaction: Mockingbird is
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Hack/Slash Omnibus vol. 1

When The Final Girl Kicks The Killer’s Ass – Reviewing Hack/Slash

A serial killer stalks his prey through the dark forest. A teenage schoolgirl is waiting for his knife. He corners her, bloodthirsty grin under his hockey mask. The girl rolls her eyes, kicks him in the balls and proceeds to beat the crap out of him. This is Cassandra Hack and she’s the heroine of our story.