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Agents of Shield Episode 1

Last night I actually hooked up the bunny ears for the TV, and tuned in to watch Agents of Shield. Since we ditched cable years ago, it’s streaming media all the time – but I wanted to watch this series ASAP! I enjoyed the hour watching the show, but I think I have some questions that will mostly be answered with more episodes I hope.

Is Agent Coulson a clone? So we’ve known for months that he was back… the Agents of Shield TV show commercials told us so. But what was the deal about him thinking that he was in Tahiti, and everyone being hush hush about him still not knowing what happened? If they are making that this Agent Coulson is a clone, they’re treading some murky waters. Being a clone didn’t work out so well for Thor…

Do we get more Maria Hill? Because that would be awesome please! Okay, that isn’t so much a question, but I was SUPER jazzed to see Smulders back as Maria Hill on the show! My guess for the next Avengers movie is that something will happen to Fury, and Hill will have to gather the Avengers to save him from… who knows. Might as well be the Shi’ar at this point. What I am getting at is that I like Maria Hill, and I would love to see more.

Is this going to be another procedural cop show with a Marvel super hero skin? My first assumption after I saw the trailers for this show is that it was going to be like CSI: SHIELD or NCIS: SUPER HEROS. You know how it goes, something bad happens, the good guys come in, they feed you what might be the issue, and then they use science to save the day! I got some of that from this first episode of Agents of Shield, but i’m curious if there will be more to this show than that? Here’s to hoping.

I’ll stream episodes moving forward, i’m curious where they are going to take this show. I wasn’t blown away, but I wasn’t super nerd raging over it either so…. good job I think?  What did you think?