Episode 98 – Cat Collecting

You may notice a slight departure from our normal intro music this week. Charles, Jon, and Megan have all been playing Neko Atsume, a Japanese mobile game about collecting cats. Not so much collecting as being a crazy person that sets out food and toys in hopes of attracting all of the cats in the neighborhood to come be adorable, fuzzy transients. We’ve all been playing a variety of other mobile games as of late as well. But honestly, we were all over the digital map with topics this week.

All the links fit to be linked

There’s a good guide to playing Neko Atsume over here.

You can also check out articles about it from CNN, Kotaku, and Vice if you want more info.

Don’t forget the Neko Atsume subreddit.

Jon’s other recent mobile game: Sproggiwood

Meanwhile, Megan is stuck on level 100 of Two Dots.

Charles is playing Fallout Shelter (coming to Android August 13th), Battle Cats, and Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Remember Card Hunter? It’s now on Steam.

Charles and Megan have been listening to the audiobook for Armada by Ernest Cline.

College of Wizardry is a totally-not-Harry-Potter LARP camp. It’s up for a Diana Jones Award.

And for all of your 8-bit gaming nostalgia needs: Odallus: The Dark Call.

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