Episode 184 – A steamy cup of gaming

Hey there, Dorkadians. I’m kinda tired after yelling myself hoarse at Cuphead this weekend, so I’m just gonna phone in these show notes. You all don’t mind, right? Great. We’re talking about Cuphead, the Steam Link, and Geek Girl Con. Links to stuff in the notes below.

Links, Notes, and Stuff

Cuphead is finally out! Trailer below if you somehow haven’t seen it yet.

The Steam Link is possibly on permanent sale.

I think this is the fling-a-string cat toy that Hannah was talking about.

My Google-fu is not the greatest, so I couldn’t find the quote Megan mentioned from Mikey Neumann, but there was this great Mary Sue interview with him.

Followed by another five minutes of searching and then finding it.

These show notes are a tired stream of consciousness lacking any reasonable filter. Why can’t I stop typing? Okay, back to editing the podcast.

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