Quick Play episode 1 – Bayonetta

Welcome to the first installment in our new podcast series! For each episode, we’ll sit down and play a game for two to three hours that we’ve never played before. Now that we’re experts on that game, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it! The show is a mix of our thoughts on the game and audio captured live during our play through. Take a listen, tell us what you think, maybe suggest a new game or where we can stick our opinions!

This week: Bayonetta. We figured we might as well start with something simple and not at all controversial.

Do you want more of this? Should we live stream the gameplay as we record? Know a game we should play? We really need your feedback to let us know if you guys like this new format! (You can even rate this episode here on the page!)

As a quick show note, you can still play 8-bit Bayonetta at the Platinum Games 404 page.

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