Episode 193 – Where the Magic tastes like Salt

Hey there, Dorkadians! This week we’re all over the map. Megan is still playing Mass Effect: Andromeda, but she’s looking forward to Where the Water Tastes Like Wine. Meanwhile, Hannah has a few things to say about the leak of the upcoming set for Magic the Gathering. We also talk digital card games and then wrap it up with Charles and Jon doing a Dark Souls/Salt and Sanctuary duet. Oh yeah, there’s also something about sharting.

Show notes

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

Ryan Ike, composer for Where the Water Tastes Like Wine and West of Loathing.

Ice-Pick Lodge games.

I’m just presuming this is the Reddit thread they meant.

Wizards of the Coast responds to the Dominaria leak.

Shadowverse borrowed some art from Magic.

Skeletor ring from Han Cholo.

Hearthstone Witchwood announcement.

Duelyst was purchased by Bandai Namco.

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