About Us

“What is Dorkadia?” you may well be asking yourself. Dorkadia is the product of some bored friends that have opinions on all sorts of nerdy things and decided that the internet needed our input. Thanks to a lot of cloudy and rainy days up here in Seattle, we spend a lot of time hanging out indoors and playing tabletop and video games, reading comics, watching movies, etc. We wanted a place on the net that would adequately address our varied interests. The best way to find that place was to just make it ourselves and see if others would join us on our continuing journey.

After about a year, we had grown enough to realize that we were more than just a motley group of nerds shouting into the ethereal void of the net. What we found, to our astonishment, is that you guys really cared what we had to say. We certainly wouldn’t call ourselves journalists, but “nerd critics” seems a fairly apt moniker to bestow upon our endeavors.

So here are some things that we want you, our valued reader, to know:

  • We will never pass off a press release as “news” or a “review”. All press releases will be clearly marked as such and filed in the press release category.
  • If we think something sucks, we will say it and rate accordingly. Scores do not start at 7 (i.e. 3.5 stars) here. *Cough* Offensive Combat
  • We will never use comment moderation to suppress views that oppose our own unless they are hostile to other members of our community.

For general comments or inquiries about the site, please contact us at info@dorkadia.com.

Dorkadia is populated by:

Charles Spurr
Co-Founder, Editor in Chief. Charles began gaming with an Atari 2600 and cannot remember a time when he didn’t have access to some kind of video game system. These days he spends most of his time checking out some free to play game or another on his PC. He is now a regular fixture at the gaming table for any campaign that Jon Spengler runs. He’s also the poor guy stuck handling the constant influx of trackback spam for the site as well as moderating the legitimate comments. Gamer, writer, editor, and PR liaison for the site. TwitterGoogle+

Megan Spurr
Co-Founder, Managing Editor. Megan is the voice of reason (and social media) behind the nerds at Dorkadia. She has a great love of Batman, board games, comics, cartoons, comics turned into cartoons, and harassing Spengler and Charles during 13th Age games. TwitterGoogle+

Jon Spengler
Co-Founder, Staff Editor
. Originally from Minnesota, Jon came to Seattle hoping for mild weather and a vibrant nerd culture. He was not disappointed. His favorite nerd hobby is playing table-top role-playing games with his friends. Twitter – Google+

Tim Harnett
Contributing Author. Tim Harnett is not an early adopter of anything. Always the last to see any new movies, Tim spends his days browsing the internet on his Galaxy SII, playing NES emulator games, and working his way through the early works of Martin Scorsese. Twitter – Google+

Reuben Poling
Contributing Author
. Reuben was born and raised in San Francisco, and after a cascade of questionable decisions, found himself happily ensconced in Seattle. Like every English major who’s ever rolled a twenty-sided die, he’s gradually working on a fantasy novel. When not writing, reading or gaming, he pursues a hereditary and apparently incurable obsession with baseball, which he writes about at Third Street Kings. His spirit animal is Ronnie James Dio. Twitter – Google+

Nick Bergeron
Contributing author. Nick Bergeron was borned and raised in the State of Maine, where he narrowly survived Stephen King.  He comes from a prestigious lineage of nerds founded when one of his ancestors was in Charlemagne’s base, killing his mans.  After bouncing around the US for several years, Nick decided it would be a good idea to take 3 days and drive from Pennsylvania to Seattle.  While he was unable to gain enough speed on the way to ramp off the Rocky Mountains and clear Idaho, he made it in one piece and has been too confused to leave since.  Nick’s personal nerdcred starts with Frogger on the 2600, and will probably end in a real life version.  He spends his free time GMing for barbarian war cretins and writing short horror (and often horrific) fiction. Twitternickbergeron.com

Hannah Craig
Contributing author. Thanks to a crazy series of events that could never have happened without the internet, Hannah moved 2,800 miles to Seattle from Pennsylvania at just 17 years old. In the nearly 10 years since then, her immersion in nerd culture has only deepened. Her favorite activity will always be role-playing in any format, but she also greatly enjoys Magic the Gathering and doing ALL the damage.  Twitter



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