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PAX Prime 2015 – Indie Highlights Day 2

I’m not going to waste any time jumping into the rest of my indie game picks from PAX Prime 2015. The more time I spend in this wonderful air conditioned room chilling out without shoes on the less time I have for table top games and alcoholic beverages!

Rain World, Videocult (PC, Consoles)

I was lead to play Rain World by a friend that enjoys two of the same things that I like in games: genuinely pulling off seemingly simple ideas, and misery simulators. Rain World does both!

The concept is so simple: prey and be preyed upon as an adorable cat slug in what is most likely a post apocalyptic Earth. The cat slug’s motions are fluid and limited in a way that feels organic: sliding around is fine, jumping is hard, and climbing is a breeze. The backgrounds and environments are hand crafted and stunningly detailed. While the game will have a large world to explore, the PAX Demo was straight forward: eat 5 bats and get back into shelter before the deadly rain starts falling. I didn’t even get close to succeeding.

The true genius of the game is the flora and fauna of the post apocalyptic world. The world may be hand crafted but the creatures hunting your adorable cat slug are purely procedural. You’ll have to use your wits to use the environment and interactions with other creatures to stay safe while you explore. The curious and harmless swamp worms that watched the cat slug pass were probably my favorite, adding a nonthreatening touch of life to the destroyed husk of a city filled with predators.

Rain World is something that needs to be watched carefully. It’ll prove to be one of the best indie survival games yet if the polish that’s been applied to the behaviors and graphics are applied to the game’s core design.

Necropolis, Harebrained Schemes (PC)

Otherwise known as Zelda: Ocarina of Roguelikes. Necroplis is a stylish third person brawler with a sharp sense of humor and solid fighting mechanics. You will try (and fail) to navigate your hero to the bottom of the terrible Necropolis, and if you die you die for real permanently. You know this jam already. The game is responsive and functional, and the trailer doesn’t lie: the style and animations work. You’ll be z-targeting enemies and performing sword combos in no time.

After speaking with the executive producer it’s clear that they have a grand scope for this game that they have yet to achieve. They want 40+ different monsters with many pieces of craftable equipment, specifically calling out a Monster Hunter like weapon system where new types of weapons change the style in which you fight. The goal is to create a game that will take hundreds of hours to master, but only a few hours to complete.

Unfortunately, as of PAX, the demo is more of a proof of concept, showing that the team can create a visually distinct action title with a flourish. Even if it’s more style than substance at the moment, this is still definitely one to watch!

Ultimate Chicken Horse, Clever Endeavor Games (PC)

Oh my god. Ultimate Chicken Horse. Seriously.

I’m confident saying that Ultimate Chicken Horse is the best couch multiplayer game at PAX. It’s certainly the number one generator of excited screaming and “OH SHITS” I’ve seen so far. You and your friends are all adorable farm animal characters in a standard empty Mario-style platforming level. The goal is to get to the flag across the screen, but there’s a pit separating you from it. You all, as a team, will have to use bits and pieces of scenery to build a trail there. But some of the pieces of scenery are things like crossbows. Or swinging buzz saws. Or traps. You only get points if you make it to the end of the course, but some of your friends don’t, so make it as deadly as you can without making it impossible.

Actually, just watch the video for the explanation.

It’s instant fun that will have you calling your friends names while you cheer them on. Easily the most fun I’ve had playing a game at PAX this year.

I plan to put together a few deeper pieces on games that I’ve played in the coming days. Stay tuned for more on Darkest Dungeon’s latest content patch The Cove.

PAX 2015 Day 1

PAX Prime 2015 – Indie Highlights Day 1

I’ve come to terms with my taste in video games in the year and a half that’s passed since I’ve last written for Dorkadia. I used to think that one needed to have a universal appreciation for all genres and titles in order to truly “get games”. Screw that. Megan’s recent full embrace of her love of story games made me stand up and declare before my friends and family: I love quirky indie games, I love roguelikes, fuck the rest. Continue reading

Gryphon Knight Epic title

Gryphon Knight Epic – A charming mustachioed shooter

I’ve spent my spare time over the last few days digging into Gryphon Knight Epic, an awesome arcade style shooter from indie studio Cyber Rhino Studios. With all of the RPGs and adventure games that I’ve been playing lately, it was nice to get into what seemed like a simple shmup at first glance. However, Gryphon Knight Epic blew me away with the level of depth a game comprised of seven stages can have. There’s a half dozen squires to choose from, a likewise number of subweapons, as well as potions to use and rune stones to collect. It’s a game brimming with personality and more than a few mustaches. Continue reading

Witcher 3 Geralt Logo

A Witcher 3 Postmortem

I finally finished (the main story of) Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt! Good Old Games tells me that I’ve logged 123.5 hours on it since it came out back on May 18th. Slow and steady, right? I’m sure less than a dozen of those were spent playing Gwent with every merchant I came across. Regardless, this article is long overdue and I’m pretty happy to finally be getting around to it. So with over three solid work weeks worth of game play behind me, where do I even start with my thoughts on Geralt, Ciri, and the rest of the cast of The Wild Hunt? Continue reading

Odallus title

Odallus: The Dark Call – Retro like I remember

I’m old enough to have played a lot of NES games back when they were first released. There’s a certain kind of nostalgia filter that colors memories of how good those games actually were. Going back and playing them now on an emulator just doesn’t provide the same kind of experience that I remember having back when they were the newest things on the block. What JoyMasher has done with Odallus: The Dark Call is to make a game that feels the way I remember those other games. Old 8-bit games had a lot of bad to go along with the good, but Odallus cuts that out and delivers a concentrated experience full of the best that 8-bit games had to offer. It may be 30 years late, but I’m nominating this as the game of the year for 1985. Continue reading

Batman Arkham Knight

The problematic plot of Batman: Arkham Knight

*Warning: This article contains numerous spoilers for the plot of Batman: Arkham Knight.

I really enjoyed the stories in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City so naturally I was excited to see what Rocksteady was going to do with Arkham Knight. I was thoroughly enthralled with jumping back into the series at first. And then after only a brief amount of playing, I saved Gotham from a massive fear toxin explosion and the plot began its nosedive into aggravation. While Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are spot on and really bring their characters to life, the script they’re working off of is lazy and trope filled.  Continue reading

Batman Arkham Knight logo

Some spoiler-free Arkham Knight opinions.

I’ve been talking about wanting to play Batman: Arkham Knight  on the podcast for a long time. I was a big fan of the first two games in the series and I was quite eager for Rocksteady to take the reins once again and finish their trilogy. So when it finally arrived on launch day (I really have to stop pre-ordering physical copies of games), I popped the first of five installation DVDs into my PC and got things rolling. Gotham needed me and I was eager to answer the call. I am the Batman! Continue reading