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PAX West 2016 Day One wrap up

PAX has once again returned to our home here in the Pacific Northwest. Suitably, the weather decided to welcome all of the visitors to our fine city with a torrential downpour so intense that PAX was opened 10 minutes early […]


Inversus – Frantic arcade shooter and strategic competition

Inversus is slated to be round two of the PAX West 2016 Omegathon, so I got my hands on a key for this little game from indie developer Hypersect. It’s fast, frantic, and strategic. Many outlets praise it as fun […]


Edge of Nowhere review – Cliffs of Craziness

Nothing says virtual reality like madness and tentacles. Edge of Nowhere delivers both of those in spades to the Oculus Rift.  I’ve enjoyed playing many games on the Rift, but plenty of those titles still felt like the first forays into VR gaming. Because […]


We Happy Few preview – Happiness is a choice!

We Happy Few has the potential to keep me enthralled for far longer than I feel comfortable admitting. I’ve already found myself lost in this bleak, Orwellian setting for hours at a time. It’s the newest game from Compulsion Games […]


Wasted is the Fallout roguelike you’ve been waiting for.

Wasted: A Post-Apocalyptic Pub Crawler (we’ll just call it Wasted) is a perfect cocktail of Fallout and Borderlands served up in a fancy roguelike glass. It is at once engaging and frustrating. However, I’m sure that’s what draws so many people to the roguelike […]


Oculus Rift impressions

After just a few days of playing with my new Oculus Rift, I can’t imagine any better future for video gaming. While I’m sure that I’ll continue to love my other, less immersive games, they just feel kind of old and mundane […]


Doom multiplayer is kinda meh.

The Doom open beta finished up this past weekend after several days of minimal fanfare. I don’t have the actual numbers of participants, but the majority of my personal friends weren’t aware that it was happening. With its time now […]


Destiny Crimson Days – Why do I do this to myself?

This week is a very special week in Destiny. The newest bit of micro-content has gone live in the form of Crimson Days. It’s like Bungie’s very own vicious valentine to the player base that still remains in their flagship […]


Temporal abyss – My latest time killing mobile obsessions

I haven’t been doing a whole lot of big gaming recently. Anything I have been doing, I’ve also been streaming over on the DorkadiaPlays channel over on Twitch. While there will certainly be more reviews for those games as I […]


Destiny Kart – The Sparrow Racing League

Okay, maybe Destiny Kart isn’t as accurate as Wipeout without guns. In either case, I’ve been checking out Destiny‘s latest limited time event, the Sparrow Racing League. It’s certainly an entertaining distraction from the normal grind of raids or pvp […]


Crawling out through the Fallout

As of this morning, Steam tells me that I’ve played 144 hours of Fallout 4. Since the game was released just over three weeks ago, that means I’ve been spending as much (or more) playing it as I do going […]


Is 20XX the next Mega Man?

Diving into early access titles on Steam can often be a mixed bag. Games still in development run the gamut from nearly finished to having more bugs than the disgusting innards of Oogie Boogie. Luckily, 20XX is more the former than the latter. […]


Destiny surprises me again!

Destiny has been a bit of a mixed bag for me from the start. I loved the shiny space epic, but then I learned to hate the PvP. I improved enough in PvP to earn Thorn, but now it’s best […]


Assault Android Cactus – Bring on the bad guys!

From time to time I like to push myself to the limits of my ability to comprehend what’s actually happening on screen in a game. Lately, I’ve been doing that with a frenetic little game called Assault Android Cactus from indie studio […]


Show me to your (Taken) King

We are only a few days from the release of Destiny‘s latest expansion, The Taken King and I have been spending a lot of time getting my characters prepared. I’ll admit that I had been excited about House of Wolves almost solely […]


PAX Prime 2015 – Darkest Dungeon, The Cove

I wish I wasn’t so predictable. Those with media badges get special early access to the expo floor on the first day of PAX. Wide open and filled with glittering lights, walking onto the floor during that first hour of exclusive access is like […]


PAX Prime 2015 – Indie Highlights Day 2

I’m not going to waste any time jumping into the rest of my indie game picks from PAX Prime 2015. The more time I spend in this wonderful air conditioned room chilling out without shoes on the less time I have for […]


PAX Prime 2015 – Indie Highlights Day 1

I’ve come to terms with my taste in video games in the year and a half that’s passed since I’ve last written for Dorkadia. I used to think that one needed to have a universal appreciation for all genres and titles in […]


Gryphon Knight Epic – A charming mustachioed shooter

I’ve spent my spare time over the last few days digging into Gryphon Knight Epic, an awesome arcade style shooter from indie studio Cyber Rhino Studios. With all of the RPGs and adventure games that I’ve been playing lately, it […]


A Witcher 3 Postmortem

I finally finished (the main story of) Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt! Good Old Games tells me that I’ve logged 123.5 hours on it since it came out back on May 18th. Slow and steady, right? I’m sure less than […]


Odallus: The Dark Call – Retro like I remember

I’m old enough to have played a lot of NES games back when they were first released. There’s a certain kind of nostalgia filter that colors memories of how good those games actually were. Going back and playing them now on […]