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Way Too Late Reviews: Batman and Robin

“I always apologize for Batman and Robin.” —George Clooney, 2015 Batman and Robin. The movie that sat at the top of my personal list of worst movies ever from 1997 until 2015, when it was dethroned by The Room. The movie that killed Alicia Silverstone’s career, demoted Chris O’Donnell to TV work, and forced Joel Schumacher to work with Nicholas Cage
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Gods and Monsters

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Justice League: Gods and Monsters was a big ole swing and a miss for me. As much of a fan girl as I am for the animated movies, especially those done in the same art style as the old Justice League cartoons of the early 2000’s, this movie that changed things just to be different and not give us a
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Way Too Late Reviews: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

I’m not a fan of Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies for one reason: they try to humanize the killer. While John Carpenter’s Michael Myers kills without prejudice, Zombie spends nearly the first half of his remake giving us Myers’ backstory. By showing the audience exactly how Myers turned into a depraved killer, the audience is supposed to empathize with him. But I never did.
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Way Too Late Reviews: Cool World

This movie had so much potential. After the runaway success of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (which I wrote about two weeks ago), the time was ripe for a dark live action/animation movie. Enter Ralph Bakshi, director of Fritz the Cat (the first animated movie to ever receive an X rating), and later Spicy City (the first animated TV series for adults, beating South Park by several months).
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Way Too Late Reviews: Cockneys vs. Zombies

Do you prefer your zombies fast or slow? It’s the nerdy debate equivalent of who you like more: The Beatles or the Rolling Stones. Both fast and slow zombies have their merits and both types of movies can be enjoyable. Would you rather watch a movie filled with a slow-shuffling horde? Or watch hapless humans get overrun by brainless speed
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Way Too Late Reviews: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

With all the back and forth between Sony and Marvel over the rights to a single character, now is the perfect time to step back to a different time when character rights was an easier animal. Spider-Man as a film character has long been owned by Sony, and earlier this year Marvel and Sony had some tense negotiations over whether
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Way Too Late Reviews: The Lost Boys

Until today, I’d never wondered where the title The Lost Boys came from. When I was younger I watched The Lost Boys hundreds of times and never gave the title a second thought. Why shouldn’t the movie be called The Lost Boys? After all, the anthem of my generation had the similarly named apropos-of-nothing title “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Turns out that one of my favorite childhood
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My Favorite Character in Marvel’s Daredevil

I don’t need to tell you how good Netflix’s Daredevil is. Plenty of others before me have already done that. I’m going to talk instead about my favorite character, one who best represents how a slight character change made in the adaptation from comics to TV can make all the difference in elevating that character to something new and better. Warning: Spoilers ahead for Daredevil. If you
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Star Wars Rebels: You need to be watching this!

With season 2 of Star Wars Rebels just around the corner (June 20th 2015) I wanted to give a run down for those who haven’t watched this series yet. Aside from Dragon Age, Star Wars is my fandom, so I know it might not hit your buttons if you refuse to watch anything past episode 6 (I don’t blame  you
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Way Too Late Reviews: Barbarella

An iconic film is usually influential for a reason. Jaws was a summer blockbuster at a time when no one was making summer blockbusters. Star Wars was a successful space opera at a time when no one made successful space operas. The Matrix was successful for its innovative fight scenes, with the now-famous “bullet time” sequences. Looking back on certain movies, it’s easy to determine why
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Mad Max: Furiosa Road

This movie. …I mean, holy shit. THIS MOVIE. Let me back up. I haven’t seen any of the Mel Gibson Mad Max movies. Never got around to it. Further, I hadn’t planned on watching Mad Max: Fury Road. (Editor’s Note: We will correct this next time Tim is in Seattle for a Dorkadia staff meeting!) Not for any grand reason; I just don’t get
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That Seems Really Unlike You

That Seems Really Unlike You: AKA – The way Unbowed Unbent Unbroken SHOULD have happened Like many people watching Game of Thrones, I am less than impressed with Sansa’s Season 5 arc, both as an adaptation and as a story in of itself. After spending enough time saying “And they could have done this, and that, and etc.” I decided
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Avengers: Age of Ultron

It’s been two weeks since Avengers: Age of Ultron dropped in movie theaters. In that time, AOU has grossed $1 billion worldwide, fans and critics have criticized Disney/Marvel’s treatment of Black Widow (not to mention her lack of merchandise), and everyone from Leonard Maltin to the dude who reviews flicks for the Winnipeg Free Press. has weighed in with their thoughts an
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RiffTrax and The Room

I’ve already written more about The Room than I ever wanted to. When I watched the film for a Way Too Late review back in March, I had no idea how the idea of this movie would catch and fester in my mind. I still hold firm to my original assessment: the movie is the worst POS I’ve ever seen. It’s not intentionally
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Way Too Late Reviews: The Island

Confession time: I like a few Michael Bay movies. Not all of them, God no. You couldn’t pay me to sit through a Transformers movie marathon. But some of them. Of Bay’s 20 listed director credits at IMDB, I like three of his films: The Rock, Pain & Gain, and the subject of today’s Way Too Late review: The Island. Three movies isn’t so bad;
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Way Too Late Reviews: The Running Man

Action! Blood! Yellow jumpsuits! Occupying that sweet spot in the 1980s when Arnold Schwarzenegger was an unstoppable killing machine mocking his enemies with eye-rolling one-liners (“Here is Sub Zero! Now, plain zero!”) 1987’s The Running Man is the rare movie where a movie has almost nothing to do with the book it’s based on and I’m okay with that. Set in the distant future
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The Clone Wars

How is it that we’ve gone so long without talking about The Clone Wars? I fell in love with this series in 2008, because it was what salvaged my plummeting love of Star Wars after the prequel came out. Set up as a kids show, it told the story we wanted to know about all the other Jedi, and the
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Brian De Palma's Carrie

A Tale of Three Carries

Girl throws tampons at other girl, girl asks boy to take other girl to the prom, other girl gets pig blood dumped on her head, other girl goes on telekinetic rampage. While it might not be a tale as old as time, Stephen King’s debut novel Carrie resonated with audiences upon its 1974 release. With Brian de Palma’s 1976 movie, Carrie White
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Way Too Late Reviews: Primer

This isn’t so much of a review as it is a mind cleanse. After wasting two hours of my life last week watching The Room when I could have been playing Hearthstone, I decided to focus this week’s Way Too Late review on one of the best independent movies of the last decade: Primer. (Hopefully calling Primer one of the best movies ever won’t provoke the
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Way Too Late Reviews: The Room

Trailer First thing’s first: a movie called The Room should be about a room. This film is not about a room. It’s really about one man’s ego and his obsession with making a movie when he has no business being anywhere near a camera. But I doubt calling it Tommy Wiseau’s Narcissistic, Masturbatory Attempt at Creating High Art would have looked as good on a
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Way Too Late Reviews: X-Men Days of Future Past

I’ve been away from the X-men film franchise for several years. Blame Brett Ratner, who made a total mess of X-Men: the Last Stand. Between the botch-up of the Dark Phoenix storyline in The Last Stand and the lousy portrayals of both Deadpool and Gambit in X-Men: Origins, I stopped watching X-Men movies. When the series was rebooted with X-Men: First Class, I shrugged my shoulders.
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