Episode 185 – Microtransactions

If you’ve been following the big story of EA’s utter thrashing by the game community over their handling of loot boxes in Battlefront 2, then you’re probably not surprised by our topic this week. Yes, we’re taking a break from QuickPlay to talk about games that keep on asking for money. We talk about loot boxes, DLC, and gacha games as various ways that companies try to keep that cash flowing. Tell us what you think in the comments and we’ll keep this discussion going.

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The most downvoted comment in reddit history.

How long will it take to unlock everything in Star Wars Battlefront II? Over 4500 hours!

But don’t worry, EA will keep changing things based on … something.

Charles didn’t know who Iden Versio is or why people would unlock her before Vader.

Remember when EA wanted people to pay $600 to unlock Phoenix Squad in a mobile game?

This guy has scans of old Sears catalogs showing the prices of video games back in the 80s.

Taking $37.99 as an example (Zelda II), the modern price with inflation would be closer to $78.

Our conversation with IGA during PAX if you missed it.

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